Golden Eagle Fresh Brown Jasmine Rice

Golden Eagle Brown Jasmine Rice has the nutrient rich coating of bran intact, as it is unpolished. It is high in fibre, rich in vitamins for our overall health and well-being. The rice when cooked has a nice fragrance, a nutty taste and is delicious with chewy texture. 2kg and 5kg are vacuumed-treated to prevent weevils and to retain its freshness.

Golden Phoenix Healthplus Brown Rice

Golden Phoenix Brown Rice is selected from the best quality rice seed from the freshest harvests (new crops). The rice seed is kept in the best condition to prolong the freshness and vitamins. Over at Thailand, they remove the husks from the rice seeds only when orders are received. With this process, the rice is kept in the best condition with all the natural nutrients, vitamins and fragrance intact.

Golden Phoenix Germinated rice

Golden Phoenix Germinated rice or called “GABA rice” is selected from the finest quality of Jasmine rice variety and is germinated properly through hygienic process to enhance great value of nutrient essence found on the tip of rice seed kernel, especially “GABA”. Germinated rice contains not only dietary fiber and nutrients from the whole grain but also anti-oxidant nutrient.

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